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The New Year is here so you may be taking a moment to update your Bucket List and find a few fun new challenges and activities for 2018. If you live in or will be visiting the Colorado Springs area, a tour with Cheyenne Cañon Segways (CCS) is an adventure excursion you can easily cross off your Bucket List. Here are just a few reasons why you will love it!

It’s Something Many Have Yet To Try

There is no shortage of excursions and fun activities to try right here in the COS area—including Segway rides. Most everyone has seen a Segway, but you might not have considered how or where to go to ride one yourself. Riding a Segway is intuitive, and we begin each of our tours with a 15 to 20-minute training session. You will have so much fun that your 1 or 2-hour excursion will fly by at lightning speed.

A Fun Group Activity

Some Bucket List items are solo dreams and goals, but you might also be looking for a few fun activities you can do as a group. Our Segway tours make a perfect daytime date, family activity, or solo excursion. But don’t worry, we head out in groups of up to six at a time, so you won’t be alone on your ride. If you have a larger group or want to schedule a full day of fun, we can arrange a day full of fun with additional team building and group activities in addition to your Segway ride.

It Will Give You Something To Look Forward To

One of the great things about a Bucket List is that it helps us break the monotony of our day-to-day life. While we will always be busy with work and other personal and professional obligations, we must not get so busy that we forget to make time for those little things that make life worth living. We all struggle to make the time for fun, so schedule your tour in advance—such as when you have friends or family in town for the weekend.

When you look back at 2018 your Segway excursion will be one of the many highlights. Reach out CCS today to schedule your tour!