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Fall Fun In Colorado Springs

As we move from summer to fall the autumn leaves provide a picturesque view that we must get out and enjoy. What makes this season unique in our neck of the woods is that our Aspens turn a bright and beautiful shade of yellow not seen in other regions of the country....

Make A Day Of Your Segway Tour

One of the things we enjoy most about our Segway tours is that it’s not just a tourist activity, but a fun way for Colorado Springs locals to spend the day. While our tours are just one or two hours, you can easily make a day of your outdoor excursion. Here are a few...

Yes, Segways Are Safe To Ride

You aren’t alone if you are curious about how safe Segways are to ride. If you have ever seen one in motion it is difficult to imagine just what it is that keeps them upright, or how it is that drivers are able to maneuver these upright 2-wheel scooters in the...


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