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As we move from summer to fall the autumn leaves provide a picturesque view that we must get out and enjoy. What makes this season unique in our neck of the woods is that our Aspens turn a bright and beautiful shade of yellow not seen in other regions of the country. You can enjoy the beauty from just about anywhere you go in Colorado Springs, but here are a few ways to really immerse yourself in the scenic views.

An Aerial Perspective

If riding in a helicopter or hot air balloon is on your Bucket List this is the season to do it. With a bit of elevation you will get to enjoy the full glory of nature’s artwork. If it’s not in the budget or the heights are too high, hiking Mt. Cutler or driving to the top of Pikes Peak will also provide an aerial perspective.

Take A Segway Tour

Now is also the perfect time to take a guided Segway tour through Cheyenne Cañon. Even if you have been to the Cañon countless times, a tour is the perfect fun, new way to experience the area. The Segway provides a smooth, but thrilling ride, and the tour itself will teach you a few fun facts about our local history.

Horse Ride At A Dude Ranch

The Academy Riding Stables offers tours through the Garden of the Gods Park and both the M Lazy C Ranch and the Stables at the Broadmoor offer horseback rides in Pike National Forest. This provides you with the ability to cover more ground in less time. Sticking with our theme, also a bit of elevation to enjoy the changing leaves.

Fall Arts And Crafts

In addition to getting out in nature, don’t forget to bring some of fall’s beauty indoors. Before you rake away all the leaves in your yard consider using these natural beauties for some DIY arts and crafts. There are plenty of fun projects for kids of all ages, and some elegant and decorative options for centerpieces, wreaths, and wall art. Pinterest is an excellent place to go for inspiration. If you’re only in town for a few days, your colorful leaves are a beautiful souvenir.

Now is the time to make the most of the weather before we have to get bundled up. Happy autumn!