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Anywhere you ride a Segway is sure to be fun, but off-road Segway rides are a unique experience—and Cheyenne Cañon Segways (CCS) is the only company authorized on Colorado Springs City Park trails in North Cheyenne Cañon Park and Palmer Park. Here are just a few of the things that make off-roading on Segways unique.

A New Way To Enjoy Nature

You can walk the trails we will be off-roading on, but on a Segway, you will enjoy a fresh new perspective. You are a little bit higher off of the ground, enabling you to see farther and wider. And don’t worry, the Segways are quiet enough that we are sure to spot some wildlife along the way. You will also enjoy the beauty of the Cañon, the creek, and the seasonal foliage.

Cover More Ground In Less Time

Choose a 1 or 2 hour Segway ride in which we will cover a lot of ground. The first hour of the tour concentrates on the Cañon and the second hour is all about the Broadmoor area and captivating stories about the hotel, the mansions, the clubs and people.

A Safe Way To Off-Road

The Segway X2 is designed specifically for off-roading. To ensure you are comfortable and safe, we start the tour with a 15 to 20-minute training session. We don’t head out until we are confident that you are prepared to hit the trails. This provides you with an alternative to off-roading in your car or truck, and with a much larger field of vision. Falling is rare, but we provide helmets as a precaution.

Learn Some Interesting New Things

Whether you have lived nearby your entire life, or are on vacation—our tour is designed to have something for everyone. Nature lovers will enjoy a new way to explore the trails, adventure seekers love learning how to ride a Segway, and everyone will learn a few interesting new things about the Cañon and the sights we visit along the way. Depending on your tour, we will visit:

  • Cheyenne Cañon Inn
  • Starr Kempf’s Outdoor Kinetic Art Display
  • The Trail to Seven Falls
  • Starsmore Discovery Center
  • The Penrose House
  • The Penrose Heritage Museum
  • The Broadmoor Resort
  • Pauline Chapel
  • The Colorado Springs School
  • The Cheyenne Mountain Country Club
  • The Golden Bee

We can tour the trails with groups of 6 or less. This makes Segway off-road rides an excellent family excursion or off-the-beaten-path date idea. If your company is looking for a fun team-building exercise, CCS can bring Segways to your location and set up a Segway Rodeo, wherever your team may be. Reach out today to schedule your event or tour!