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Although they have outgrown cartoon and fantasy themed birthday parties, teenagers still want to celebrate their birthday with their friends. But what should they do? Have them burn off a bit of energy before they head back to your place for a sleepover with a Segway adventure with Cheyenne Cañon Segways. All guests must be 12 years old and helmets and training are included.

An Unplugged Day Of Fun

One of the great things about hosting a Segway party is that it will keep the kids unplugged for a few hours. Sure, they’ll have their phones in tow to snap some selfies to post later but once they are on the Segway it’s both hands at all times.

Segways are surprisingly intuitive to learn. With just 20-minutes of training, everyone will be ready to hit the trails. We’ll share some cool fun facts about nature and history along the way, and we promise it will be a party everyone remembers. And no worries if not all guests love nature and history because they get to learn to ride a Segway!

Perfect For Teens Who Aren’t Athletically Inclined

The challenge with some active birthday party ideas is that not all kids are athletically inclined. While going to a play center was fun for everyone when your kids were younger, teens are at different levels of athletic ability meaning that some kids might feel left out. While a Segway party is an outdoor activity the Segway does all the work, so athleticism isn’t required. And don’t worry, as it’s easier to stay balanced than you might imagine.

Create A Custom Segway Birthday Party

You can choose from our standard 1 or 2-hour tours, or you can create a custom Segway birthday party. We can only take groups of 6 kids at a time. For large groups, we can add on some fun outdoor games and activities, and if you want a place to open presents and eat cake, we have partnerships with several of the nearby restaurants and parks.

If a Segway party sounds like it might be a good fit for your teenager’s upcoming birthday party we invite you to reach out today to discuss the details!