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There is a growing trend in almost every city in the world—the rise of the local tourist. The goal is to get out and explore the city and surrounding areas to find hidden gems and fun new experiences that you didn’t know were available to you. While CCS welcomes travelers, we find that many who take our Segway tours are locals. Here’s why!

Niche Interests

With niche interests on the rise comes a demand for niche tours for locals and travelers alike. Our Segway tours tend to attract the attention of a few different interests, primarily: adventure, history, and nature lovers. We also arrange signature experiences for professional teams and groups looking for out-of-the-box team building ideas. In addition to learning how to ride a Segway, which is at least half the fun—we can create a full-range of team building activities.

People Are Traveling More

There is a steady rise in day trips and weekends away to visit friends and family or to visit a place you have always wanted to go. While only in town for a day or two, the goal is always to make the most of your time and see as much as you can. Popular tourist attractions are always at the top of this list but your local loved ones will open your eyes to tours and activities you might not find on your own. For example, in just 2 hours on a Segway tour, you can visit or learn about more than 10 of the top sites COS is known for. Otherwise, you might not have time to make it to them all.

We Can Live Somewhere Our Entire Life And Still Have More To Learn

It is not uncommon to take for granted at least a few of the things that make our city unique. You may have grown up in Colorado Springs and pass by attractions regularly, you know that you can take a tour any time you want. This means that you may put it off or haven’t gone since you were young. Sure, we all have places we frequent, but if you want to break the monotony, a local tour is perfect.

Embracing local tours and excursions is an excellent way to reignite your passion for the city you love. Don’t forget that we can schedule our tours in private groups or you can come solo or as a pair and make a few friends along the way. Reach out today to learn more!