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One of the things we enjoy most about our Segway tours is that it’s not just a tourist activity, but a fun way for Colorado Springs locals to spend the day. While our tours are just one or two hours, you can easily make a day of your outdoor excursion. Here are a few ideas.

Family Fun

It can be challenging to get your kids to unplug for even a few hours, let alone an entire day—so you must plan something fun together. Schedule a group tour with the entire family and make a day of it. Segways are safe for riders 12 and up, and training is included before we hit the trails. Take our tour and spend the rest of the day hiking, playing outdoors, or exploring more of the Cañon. Even if they aren’t unplugged the entire time, it’s the perfect opportunity to have some fun together as a family.

Daytime Date

If you are looking for something unique to do as a daytime date, off-roading on our Segways is perfect. You and your date can enjoy nature while trying something new together. Pack a picnic to eat before or after, or head to one of our many nearby restaurants. If one of the historic sights we visit during the tour sparks your interest, you can explore it more together after the tour.

Team Time

We are always excited when a sports team or professional group books our Segway tour as a team building activity. You can book private tours/events (2 hour minimum) for groups both large and small with up to 6 riders at a time, and/or competitive riding activities that everyone can watch and participate in.

Weekend Getaway

COS is the perfect weekend getaway destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Denver for a few days. We have a variety of wonderful accommodations to choose from, including The Cheyenne Mountain Resort, The Hotel Eleganté and the fabulous Broadmoor Resort which is one of the sights included on our 2 hour tour. Camping is also an excellent option with a variety of campgrounds in the area. Our tour will show you some of our most treasured sights, which you can explore more after your excursion.

If you are looking for something fun and new to break the monotony of everyday life, schedule one of our unique outdoor excursions. Not only will you learn how to ride a Segway, but along the way you will learn some cool facts and history about Colorado Springs!