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There are several things that make Cheyenne Cañon Segways (CCS) different than other Segway tours. First off, we go off-road. I don’t know of another local tour offering this. CCS has a permit from Colorado Springs City Parks to ride on the trails of South Cheyenne Cañon Creek. The Segway X2 is made to go off-road and the trail is beautiful and shaded. The first hour tour concentrates on the Cañon and the second hour is all about the Broadmoor area with stories about the hotel, the mansions, the clubs and the people.

Second, you will only have one of two Segway Guides for your tour. It will either be me or my daughter. This is important because the quality of tour guide has a huge impact on your enjoyment of the tour. We are both experienced guides and have a thorough knowledge of the history and stories of the Cañon and Broadmoor. I may be a better story teller, but my daughter is definitely cuter.

Last, but definitely not least, it’s about the training. Every rider must be thoroughly trained with specific drills and techniques, then every one is given plenty of time to practice riding. Every rider is different in their Segway experience and abilities, so we take the time to make sure each person is capable and confident before starting the tour.

Whether you are an experienced rider, or it’s your first time, I hope you will try Cheyenne Cañon Segways and see Colorado Springs in a whole new way!

Segway on!

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